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Being a Good Football Wife

I am not a good football wife. It begins with my disinterest and ends with my snarky rainbows comments – none of which has been embraced by my spouse.

It’s not easy being a good wife – especially when football season in the south rolls around (although technically it doesn’t roll around because a football isn’t round and it can’t roll)

good football wife

College football is a required pass time in the Bible Belt. Not only are there the games to consider, but the post-game attitude (made worse if a loss is involved). I should expect that my spouse will disappear about the time of the baby’s nap and won’t re-emerge until it’s time for church on Sunday.

Last year during this time, I was writing a column about college football. It was one of my attempts at being a good football wife. I tried watching the games with my husband, but I think it disturbed him, even more, to have me by his side doing commentary. He didn’t say this to me, but his stares and grunts began to clue me in.

My Good Football Wife Attempt Failed

Because of the interest that was piqued in me during my stint as a sportswriter, I’m keeping up with some of the teams. I secretly watch a few quarters here and there, but I turn the channel to a Lifetime movie if my husband wanders into the room.

Most people would consider that sharing experiences will bring a husband and wife closer together. Sometimes it’s NOT sharing experiences that help with the bond. So I’ll be the good, southern wife that knows nothin’ about playin’ no football – and hide in the bathroom with the sports page at night.

Are there things in your life that are just yours and that you don’t really want your spouse to become a part of? It’s okay to want to have some time alone or with your own interests. God made us all special and our spouse is usually a complimentary person not a duplicate. You can be a good wife even if you haven’t mastered the ability to be a good football wife.

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  • I spring a new surprise on my wife every few years: like to watch football was year 2 of marriage. She took it pretty well ;-).

    I do think having differences is important – helps you both bounce things off each other and grow. Thanks for telling us about your experience (and giving me some hope I might turn my wife on to football one day?).