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Love One Another

John 13:35

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

Love is the ultimate example of Christ.  It shows the world who we are and more importantly who He is.  It’s no wonder Christ left us with the command to love each other as He loved us.  It will be an amazing world when that actually happens.

2 Peter tells me to have brotherly love – or love towards fellow Christians.  On paper, it seems like the easiest part of love.  It’s when these relatives don’t conform to what I think their walk should be that love can be hard to dig up.  I just keep reminding myself what Jesus said to Peter when he asked about John’s life.  In Kathryn translation, “You let me worry about John.”

I can’t let others behavior keeps me from exhibiting brotherly kindness.  It wouldn’t bode well for me if Christ started holding me to the same standards.

So I will love my fellow Christians, no matter how many times they sit, stand, or kneel during their service, no matter what color their sanctuary carpet might be, or no matter how wet they got during baptism.  I will love my fellow brothers because they are brothers and that’s all the reason I need.

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