Three Simple Steps To the Perfect Relationship

Relationships are the foundation to everything I want, everything I need, and everything worth having. If I want to have a blessed and successful life then I have to make investments to grow up the relationships around me.

There are three simple keys to making any relationship work.

Three Keys to the Perfect Relationship

    1. Submission
    2. Sacrifice
    3. Serving


Submission is not about giving in to the people around me. It is not about bowing to the wants and demands THEY set out for me to follow. Submission is between me and God – not between me and THEY. If I put His desires and plans for my life FIRST – remember it is all about God first – then I will be prepared for the opposition that THEY throw in my path. Attacks continue to occur, but my focus on the path in front of me keeps me from stumbling because of those attacks.

Submit to God and to His will and it will take me in the direction that I need (and want) to go.

Sacrifice turns all of the energy on killing “I Syndrome.”

Next time you start to complain about anything, see how many times you use “I” in the rant. To live a peaceful life, you have to get to the point where it is always God first and then the other person second. Only when I get these first two in place will I be in a position to deal with my own life.

Sacrifice the “I” and watch your relationships flourish.

[tweetthis]Sacrifice is all about killing the ‘I’ in lIfe.[/tweetthis]

The more I am willing to sacrifice for others then the more effect I have on the lives of others and the more I affect my own world. I also begin to discover there is joy in the service to others and of others.

“What Have You Done for Me Lately?” There was a son when I was younger that sang the importance of you doing for me. Trial and error has taught me a different way. I have revised the saying “What Have I Done for YOU Lately?” When I feel tired, overwhelmed, hurt, or discouraged by the actions and attitudes of the people around me, I ask this question and it helps me change my focus. I find that by serving others, I bless myself.

Service changes my focus every time. Serving the people around me forces me to invest my time and energy in others that would have otherwise been used up by me and for me. Refocusing – that change in focus – brings me to a place of submission to God’s will for my life.

It is simple. I just wish I would make the better choices to see it happen. I want to grow up the perfect relationship with the people that are around me, but it is up to me to step out and make that investment.

Be blessed,

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