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Making Money Online

The internet is the perfect opportunity for Stay-at-home-moms (SAHM) to make money without taking away from the home focus. Just keep in mind that you are not going to get something for nothing, and NEVER give out your bank account info to someone who is offering you a “job.”

If you are wise and cautious, you can make money online.

I’ll confess that my venture into online income was not a smooth one. I ran into a few scams and lost as much as I had earned in the beginning; but I grew wise fast. (Don’t forget to read ALL fine print – and especially the Terms of Agreement – before clicking the accept button.)

There are many resources for getting into a work-at-home situation on the internet. I started at It’s a great tool to help you find a way to juggle work time, family time, and household time.

I believe it was through a contact on the site that I found The pay isn’t that much, but it’s been a great beginning for me. Plus, I found that by NOT having to pay for childcare, commuting expenses, or a work wardrobe, I can actually afford to work online for less money than I would have to make outside of the home.

I tiptoed my way into the paid posting gig. I didn’t want to get into anything that I didn’t know much about. After about two weeks, I spread my wings. Even if I knew nothing, I began to post on forums to which I had some interest. I did some research, asked questions, and began to learn. All along, I made sure that my posts were quality posts and I did my work in a consistent manner. The greatest part was that I was getting paid to learn. The little extra money made it all worth while (and even a bit exciting). I tried more new forums and expanded the number of posts I felt I could do in one day.

10-31-15 build a habit of writing

After about three months, I got my online break. My postings caught the interest of some of the forum owners. They offered me other writing jobs, which led to more money and more job opportunities.

The success that I have been having with online jobs has prompted me to expand even further. With the guidance of some of the on line buddies that I have made, I started checking with freelance sites such as So far, I have only had a few nibbles, but I expect the job offers to start flowing in any day now. Until then, I have my posting money, and my small writing jobs.

The key for me to make money at home using on the internet and my writing skills was to just get started. From there, my online jobs have had a way of growing on their own.

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