Making Money with Online Writing

This is actually possible.  I can make a living writing in a way that I love to write.  I don’t have to write about subjects that hold no interest for me.  I don’t have to scramble my brain trying to fill in blanks for some unknown site.  It is possible to write what I love and get paid.

That being said, I’m not getting rich.  There are people on the internet that are making thousands of dollars a day with their blogs, but I haven’t broken into that segment.  As a matter of fact, I haven’t even figured out how to make dollar one on my blog.

How am I making money writing what I love?  I’m glad you asked.  I have been persistent.  I started by working for sites that paid me only pennies to do posts on different forums.  The posts I made were relevant and well written (spell checked and grammar checked).

From there, some of the forum hosts have asked me to write for their blogs.  From there, I began to visit sites that have blog jobs posted (problogger.net is one that doesn’t charge you).  Always I made sure that what I produced was the best it could be – spell check and grammar check once more.

Now the people that I have worked for are sending me to other potential employers with glowing references.  My opportunities are expanding each week, and I am in a position where I can say no because of the money or because of the subject.  It’s a great feeling to be writing – and getting paid.

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