Be In It to Win It

Learning to get paid by posting on my blog is not going well.  There is more traffic stopping by, and I have posted a few ads, but my dream that sponsors would be beating down my door is starting to fade.  Instead of giving up, I will push on.  I will find a way (if others can do it then so can I).  Until the day my fortune comes rolling in, traffic is my objective.

One of the ways to get a lot of traffic is to participate in contests and blog lists.  I’ve done several with Problogger.net, but this week I’m trying out a contest through Cashforcomments.com.  Not only will it help generate new traffic, but I’ll have a chance to win a 24 inch LCD.  There is even an early bird drawing, so get your submission in quick.

The contest is being sponsored by elitebaseballinsturction.com which has videos to help improve your baseball game.  I’m glad I found this site.  Both of my boys are growing increasingly interested in baseball.  Although I played a little myself, I’m no Cal Ripken (or I guess that would be Carla Ripken in my case 😉 ).  It’s always helpful to find some more guidance in baseball training for the boys, so I think I’ve found some potential Christmas gifts through this site.

For those of you who are trying to increase traffic to your site, this contest could be a great jumping off point.  I keep a record of my unique hits, so I’ll update this post over the next few weeks to let you know how well it the contest works for me.  I’ll be especially verbose if (dare I say, when) I win that 24 inch LCD!

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  1. Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, brawls are the way to attract people. The biggest political sites, such as Huffington Post (left) and Free Republic (right), do nothing but brawl, and they rake it in.
    Being nice does not turn a profit!

    Good luck to you, though!

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