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Men and Women Are Not So Different

The truth about how men and women are different is that there isn’t that much of a difference.

It was all just a lie – probably started by some man – that no one ever stopped to investigate. Maybe lie is too harsh. It was a myth “myth, myth . . .” “yes”) that has finally been put to sleep.

When it comes to talking it turns out that the number of words men and women use each day is about the same. The idea that women needed to use 20,000 words and men needed only 7,000 words was only a myth. There was no scientific data behind the numbers.

Researchers are beginning to record conversations to try and determine the number of words people actually use. It turns out that the difference between men and women is only a few hundred words.

I heard the old number of words that a man uses each day quoted in a study we did in Sunday school (Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti). Unfortunately, my husband was paying close attention that day. Now, whenever things get too hectic or his day has been too long, he tells me he has used up his words for the day and crawls into a shell.

different winds of change

Today, the winds of change are blowing – even if the hubby is ducking and covering.  Even the local paper had an article on the front page that discussed a study of the number of words men and women use and how they weren’t all that different.

I brought it up to my husband, but he conveniently wasn’t paying attention today, or maybe it was just he had used up his words for the day.

It’s good to know that we aren’t as different as “they” want to make us out to be. It’s better to know that we can’t use statistics or anything else to make excuses for our attitudes and behavior. It’s best to know where the information came from that you are staking your decisions on.

We are all unique, not because we are men or women, but because we are all designed in purpose and on purpose that is unique to only one individual. Marriage works better when we embrace the uniquenesses.

They will continue to try to put us in the boxes they determine to be right for us. But now we have uncovered the truth about the differences.

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