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Cowboy Church Taught Me Church is Too Formal

We went to Cowboy Church on Sunday. It gave me pause for what is normal church.

It was the first time in my life I can remember wearing jeans on a Sunday morning. It was weird, and it started a debate in my mind (which I was glad to share with everyone) about why we dress up for church, what is casual and is the church too formal for today.

People have some pretty harsh opinions on what can and can’t be worn to church. I was one of them. I thought that what you wore to church showed reverence to God. I’m not so sure anymore. I am beginning to think that what I do on a day to day basis tells more about my respect (or disrespect) for God, His Ways, and His Word than all the Sunday suits I could ever buy.

Although, I still want my children to look and dress nice – whether they are going to the picnic at Uncle Ray’s or the service at the neighborhood church – I’m not going to stress as much about it. Somehow, I’ve got to get past the superficial aspect of church and discover the meat.

I wonder if the early church – the apostles and others that were not having church as much as being church- even thought about what they were wearing. My best guess is that they washed off from working in the field or building tents and then met together for fellowship. I doubt any of them wore a tie or fancy dresses.

Cowboy Church Changes Could Change My Focus

Old habits die hard. Unless we make a habit of going to Cowboy Church, I’m not sure I’ll be a regular in blue jeans for the morning service anymore. Even if society is moving towards casual attire, I still have enough Southern Belle in me to want to wear a hat and gloves on Easter Sunday – or at least where a nice pants suit.

As for what I will teach my children, I’m beginning to lean towards the idea that it really is what is on the inside that counts.

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