Top Secrets to Overcome Burnout or Keeping On without Burning Up

Tips for Avoiding Burnout

I gave up today. The pressure had been building for months, but today it was all I could take. I threw up the white flag and tossed down my cards. I had enough.

I shared my frustration over at Growing H.O.P.E when I talked about jumping in too early. I tried to recover by listening to inspiration from others and I got close. But close is not there when you are struggling to understand and to continue the good fight.

I checked the prompt for the #bloglikecrazy post for today – and it made me rethink my whole plan of surrender.

Tips for Avoiding Burnout or Burn Up

    1. Get face to face with one of your personal cheerleaders or part of your ally army. Things always look better after you spend some quality time with people that believe in you.

    2. Have a vacation plan – or at least a plan for calling a timeout. Walking away from it all, even for a moment, can help you to see with more clarity.

    3. Measure the costs. Know what you are investing and understand the return you receive for that investment, otherwise you are just spinning your wheels.

    4. Admit there is a problem. Until you face the issue it will continue to grow. Looking at it straight on will allow you to begin to make the changes necessary to get there.

    5. Laugh. Laugh about your situation. Laugh over a movie. Laugh with friends. Laughter drives away all kinds of darkness.

    6. Start again. No matter where you landed before, right now you have the chance to start again. Take advantage of that chance and make a difference.

I still have a lot I have to do and changes that have to be made. It is not like I desired or like I originally planned, but sometimes that makes way for something more or something better.

I started out saying that I had given up, but after sharing these tips I think it would be better to say that I have adjusted the tracks on my path for the time being. Down the road, around the bend, things will change again and this time will be more prepared for the adjustment.

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