My Plan to Take Over the World

Today I started a project that will allow me to take over the world – or at least the publishing world – or at least my corner of my own little world – okay, it is really a plan that will allow me to take a step closer to my desired success.

I have had the opportunity to meet with several internet, marketing, and social media experts over the last year or so. Some of the advice they shared was the same I get when I do a search for tips on building my success. Some of the information was what they had gleaned from their own experience. Some of the ideas they offered were developed by world systems intent on cornering the market – wait, that was from an episode of Shield.

Still, I had a lot of information that I was supposed to put into play. I had a limited amount of time that I could put that information into play. Most importantly, I had specific outcomes that HAVE to be the result of putting that information into play.

None of the gurus would promise me success.

None of the gurus offered to make it happen for me.

None of the gurus would do the work that needed to happen.

And even if the gurus had made the promises, or the offers, or had done the work, it would be temporary. I have to take control of the steps, of the paths, and of the destination, if I am going to maintain a level of success in my life.

It is like the old adage – give a woman her success and she will be a success for a day but teach a woman to build her success and she will be a success for life.

I laid in bed and bemoaned where I was at that moment. I wanted more – more visitors, more sales, more (or less really) of me, more time with my family, more disposable income . . . the list could go on until the morning light if I took the time to list it all. And then I sat up, and I wrote down what it was that would lead me to those mores.

I took that list, combined it with the information from the gurus, set up an operations desk, and am working down the list that will allow me to take over the world. My plan will not be your plan. My way will not be your way (believe me, I had the argument about my operations desk with my husband because “that’s not how I’d do it.”). I can promise that if you are willing to determine your destination and then take the steps to reach that destination UNTIL you reach that destination, then your success is just a step away.

How will you take over the world?

Be blessed,


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