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Reflections and HOPE archives

Wobbles Wreck the Way

I declared my goals. I took a stand and made a plan for my goals. I took bold and specific steps towards y goals. I woke up the next morning with a sty – which for those of us without a clue is really an eyelash pimple – YES and EYELASH pimple. It forced me […]

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Tips and Top 10 Lists

How I Broke Through My Walls

I broke through with one revelation. I stopped expecting others to do it for me. I stopped EXPECTING my family to clean the house. I stopped EXPECTING my friends to shout out my praises. I stopped EXPECTING that next connection to provide me with the launch I needed. I shifted my expectations to me. Before […]

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4-10-15 Using the Map

Follow the Map to Find the Right Way

I needed to take a trip to a cabin in the woods. I had never traveled to that area and it was long before GPS voices guided you to your locations. I had a map that had been drawn out and written out by the owner of the cabin. I looked over the map a […]

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4-2-15 unexpected lessons

Unexpected Passion Lesson from VBS

I took my son to VBS at a friend’s church because she plans on taking him the last two days. The church was located across the county – which is not a very long drive, but it would have been silly for me to go back home. I carried my computer, papers and some reading […]

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tootsie pops

Finding My Purpose One Lick at a Time

“How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?” A commercial that featured a wise old owl promised to answer that very question. The owl made it to his third lick and then he chomped down on the candy. The commercial ended with the phrase, “the world […]

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grow to god

Grow to God – Thoughts on Becoming His Design

No more changes. The bruises and scrapes my past had left brought me to a stalemate. If there was something different someone wanted then he would just have to go somewhere else. To paraphrase a semi-famous philosopher, “I was who I was and that’s all that I was.” This is the person that my husband […]

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