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Find Your Balance

Finding Your Balance

Smash! All of the plates that I had been spinning with such perfection now were in pieces all around me. It was not pretty. I thought I could do it all. I thought I could keep them going. I thought I could make it work. Maybe I should have put a little more effort into […]

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Change starts one step at a time

Breaking the Procrastination Habit

Getting it done is as simple as just doing it. I first wrote these words over five years ago and I am still working on learning that lesson right now. I am a procrastinator by nature (or by nurture) and that is a HARD habit to break. My realization of the importance behind “just do […]

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Proverbs 31 Life is Self-Sufficient

This morning I got up and started thinking about all of the things “we” need to get done. Two hours later I’m the only one up and only one of the projects have been tackled. Granted my left wrist is in an ace bandage – but one excuse is just as good as another. Making […]

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Getting NOTHING Done

The last several days I have set a schedule that requires me to dig right in to my work. It is only later in the morning as the family begins to stir that I take the time to check my emails or send out a few tweets. This morning I skipped the schedule since I […]

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Making the Most of Time

There is so much I want to do and so many things that need my attention. Spring seems to bring on overwhelming number of chores, events and activities – garden, grass, baseball, conferences, workshops, performances and on and on. I’m almost afraid to even look at the summer calendar. The other day I found a […]

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