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The Truth About Getting It Done

The truth about getting it done is that it doesn’t always look the way we wanted, or expected, or the way someone else said it had to look.

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Sometimes it is more about the moment and the little bits of intentional effort than the big picture.

When your pain, your passion, and your purpose line up you are unstoppable.

When your pain, your passion, and your purpose line up you are unstoppable.

Struggling with Getting It Done

“I can’t do this.” It wasn’t the first time I had cried out in frustration. I looked around at my cluttered desk, the pile of bills, and the list of to-do items and cried out. Despite all I had planned, the finish line continued to evade me.

Giving up seemed like the only option. After all, I had reached for my BIG DREAMS and fallen short . . . again. Every great plan ended in less than when I started. Despite all my doing, I wasn’t getting done. 

Emptiness covered me and prodded me to walk away. “You can’t do this,” it reminded me. One look proved the truth of the words. I couldn’t do it because it wasn’t done.

I allowed for a good cry and then went for a walk in the field across from us. It’s quiet over there if you can ignore all the city noise of traffic. At least I could hear the birds and my own thoughts for a change. “One more day.” Through the quiet, I talked myself into pushing through for just one more day.

Later that day, as I determined to sort out the piles on my desk, I found an article I had started many years back. It detailed all I had been doing recently:

The secret to getting things done
  • Weeded the flower beds
  • Tended the vegetable garden
  • Homeschooled the boys
  • Made meals (that we ate as a family)
  • Wrote content for clients
  • Wrote articles and book pages for me
  • Cleaned out the kitchen sink
  • Swept the floors
  • Attended a scout meeting
  • Studied the Word

It was a lot. The more I meditated on the article, the more I recalled those days. I did so much and in the much doing I got a lot done – for my family, for our home, and for myself.

I pulled away from the article and put my attention on the Focus Folder I’ve been using to plan my days. Most of the pages were empty. I didn’t not because I forget to fill them out but because there was nothing to fill out. 

“I can’t do this because I’m not doing this.” The proof stared back at me from the pages. 

The emptiness hovered nearby waiting for its chance to pounce. The bills were still piled up and the desk was covered in clutter. Throwing away the list of what I had done, I began to do what I needed to be done. “I can when I will.” 

Emptiness slithered away to wait for another day.

Find your way to get it done

One Secret for Getting It Done

Getting it done requires one thing. You have to do it. You either have to physically do it yourself or you have to hire someone to do it for you. But you have to do it.

How you do it is another matter completely. The uniqueness in each of us drives us to do things our unique way. When we try to conform to the world or even just conform to the expectations of others (outside our uniqueness) then we struggle to get it done.

Often we stall completely. The only thing tougher than getting things done once you are doing is getting started again once you’ve stopped.

Just ask anyone that’s ever been mudding.

Find your way to get it done and then do it – no excuses, no complaints, no procrastination. 

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