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Balance the Schedule during the Holidays

Chaos settles in around our home during the holiday season. Carefully constructed schedules crumble to the wayside. Parties, plays and shopping all join forces to force to go off list. It can be frustrating and annoying particularly when I am attempting to start fresh and new in preparation for the New Year. Times might now […]

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Patience is a Virtue

The results were not as planned or at least not on time according to the plan. It is frustrating when you do what you know to do and it seems that nothing changes. Here is the secret that most of us miss. It just does not matter. My plans are not the ultimate measuring stick. […]

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Writing Goals

Writing comes from the heart but must be directed by the mind. Goals are valuable tools to map out a path to passion and purpose when it comes to a writing career. It helps to know where you are going so that you can recognize when you get there (and when you get off track). […]

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