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Tuesday – Attitude – Make It

All of my BIG DREAM goals are just a step away. I have to step to get there, and I may have to fake the courage to get the step taken, but I also have to invest in the image and the belief of that dream (and that step). I can fake it – but I also have to make it if I want my BIG DREAM goals to become my reality.

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5 Steps to Build Purpose Producing Courage

    I make it when I take all that is behind my BIG DREAM goals, and all the resources to pursue those big dream goals, and I begin investing deeper into that focus.

  1. I write it – I write out all of my goals every single day.
  2. I speak it – I say it out loud to myself.
  3. I share it – I tell others about my BIG DREAM goals (the more I share it the more real it becomes).
  4. I Post it – I put it up around my house so that I can see it.
  5. I think it – I meditate on the specific goals.

People are going to say things – sometimes I am one of those people. Unless I invest in the foundation of possibilities for my BIG DREAM goals, I will struggle to live them out. I have to believe if I am going to do.

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I must be investing in building a foundation of belief to lift me up into my BIG DREAM goals.

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