Growing Up a Radical Life – ACTUALIZE

I ACTUALIZE my radical life when I become determined to move into that life and to keep moving until it happens.

I know that I am designed for so much more than this – but I will never fulfill my design waiting around for it to happen. I need to take action to bring about my radical life in all the different areas and facet of who I am.

ACTUALIZE a Radical Life

    1. I have to admit what I really want and why I want it. It’s time to rip off the band-aid and be brutally honest with myself.

    2. I have to builda foundation of people that will hold me accountable and that will be brutally honest with me and help me to be brutally honest as well.

    3. I have to refuse to accept any more excuses. I am great at coming up with a reason not to do what I know to do.

    4. I have to accept that it may not always look like what I thought it would look like. Flexibility is essential to success actions.

    5. I have to take the next step – not because I know the full pattern of steps that I will be taking but because I know this next step.

The radical life is one of action – I have to move forward if I am going to reach my destination – and movement is all about the action. When I ACTUALIZE into my radical life then I will be living out the actions necessary.

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