How to Test the Focus When You Take a Step

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MAP IT OUT – Week 8 – Test

Tuesday – Take a Step

When I take a step towards my BIG DREAM goals then I position myself to test the path and determine if I am on the right way or the best way to reach my success.

#GrowingHOPE - MAP IT OUT - Test - Take a step

Simple Thoughts on Taking a Step

The only way to get there is to take a step – but I need to make sure it is the right step for me.

  1. Dip your toe in.
  2. Hang your foot in.
  3. Take a whole step in.

  4. Evaluate the step.
  5. Tweak the process

I have to take a step to move closer to my desired destination. I just want to make sure that the steps I am investing in are the best ones to get me to where I want to go.

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