A Revelation About Men

Men are put on this earth to help women grow.  That’s the decision I have finally reached.  God put a man with a woman because without him around she would never push herself as far as she could go.

This week has been plagued by the dreaded cold.  My head has felt fuzzy and I haven’t had the energy to even thing of cleaning the house.  Tonight was my night to go to bed and sleep it off.  I had it all planned.  So what if I missed church on Sunday.  So what if I’m the one that signed us up for this Wednesday night bible study.  I needed to rest and recharge.

My husband missed the memo.

Instead, he called to remind me that he was going to a meeting out of town and didn’t know when he would be home.  Frustrated, irritated, and severely disappointed, I set about getting the clan fed, bathed, and ready for church.

While I was in my bathroom changing and complaining to God about how things just never work out the way I want them to work out, I realized what was happening.  I knew I needed to be at the bible study (I had even commented to my dad the day before about why I thought I was in the bible study) but I was using any excuse not to go.  My husband forced me to do what I needed to do.

I have a new respect for why my husband is the way he is.  God knew how different we were when he put us together – after all, men and women are as different as you can get when you think about it.  My husband isn’t clueless because he is careless, he is how he is because it challenges me to be better, to do more, and to become the person that I know I need to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling him about my revelation.  He still needs to worry when he doesn’t do what I expect or want.  It keeps him on his toes and out of trouble.  Hey, maybe that’s one of the reasons that God made me the way he made me!

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  1. I’m so glad that you’ve received that revelation, I think I need to hear it on Higher Authority, though. 😉 It’s not that I don’t believe you, I just haven’t received that particular revelation yet.

    And, you know what, maybe that IS why God made you the way he made you. You never can tell.

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