Blogging Will Help Your Writing

Every writer should write a blog.  I’m not talking about the day to day journals that are most common on the internet.  The blogs that should be a focus for a writer is one that they are passionate about.  It doesn’t have to be a blog that is specifically their own, but writers should be writing at least one blog a day.

1.      Writing a blog forces you to cut your words.  Most people will tell you that a blog longer than what can be viewed on one page will not be read.  Blogs have to be tight and to the point.

2.      The title says it all.  Not only do you have to write more with fewer words, but your title has to grab the attention of a reader over the other millions of choices out there.

3.      Writing every day means you are writing – every day.  It doesn’t matter what genre you are focused on writing, you have to be disciplined to write every day.  Blogs are a way to get the juices flowing when you have trouble getting started.

4.      A short post could lead to a long article.  There have been things that I’ve discussed on a blog that received a lot of attention.  It told me there was high interest in that subject.  I put together a query for a magazine with that in mind and sold it the first time out.

5.      There is the rare chance that a blog could lead to bigger and better things.  There have been bloggers who were approached by publishers and signed for a book deal.  Although this has not YET happened to me but that is one of the things that is keeping me motivated to write.  I guess, when you think about it, getting published is one of the motivators for most writers.

Blogging is a great training tool for writers.  It can make you focus and keep you motivated on those days when you don’t want to write.  Offer to write for blogs that you enjoy (many sites are hungry for guest bloggers) or start your own site.  It will benefit your writing to start blogging today.

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