Writing Challenge for December 19, 2010

The holidays can become overwhelming – particularly when the Christmas carols start blaring over the radio before the Thanksgiving turkey is even roasting over an open fire. Keep in the true spirit of the season by making some of those carols all your own.

I had the chance to share one of my own concoctions over at The Great Blog Adventure. For years, my friends and family have been making up versions of The Twelve Days of Christmas. This time around I let my muse have her say in The 12 Days of Muse. (if you are signed up for the Successful Freelance Writer newsletter then you got your own copy of the 12 Days of Muse emailed to you the other day. If you are not signed up, or just recently signed up, then just let me know you want a copy and I will get it emailed to you.)

December 19 Writing Challenge

Sing, sing a song. Remember the rest of the words to this song? Keep it simple and do not worry about what others think. These are the only two rules that will guide this holiday writing challenge.

Take a holiday classic and rewrite it to suit your own needs. Or, take that song and make it into a short story. Just playing around with words will help ignite the imagination and may inspire much more than just a fun song.

Be sure to leave your link so that we can all enjoy a little of your holiday cheer! Next challenge will be focused on the future, because the future is now.

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