It is NOT All About Me – a Book Review of Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock


Turns out, it is NOT all about me. I have been so caught up in growing my platform, building an income and launching my speaking/writing career that I forgot about you. Maybe not forgot as much as neglected.

I have been neglecting a lot these last several years. I started talking about needing accountability on the Growing HOPE CWA radio broadcast. I then realized that I needed even more reminders to “get it done,” so I orchestrated the 30 Day Family Challenge – much to the delight of my family.

In the midst of all of this, my youngest son was invited to attend a family camping event for Cub Scouts. I have always enjoyed the “great outdoors,” but could have come up with a dozen excuses why he, his dad and his brothers should make the trip without me. Instead, I went. It was there that I realized it was not all about me.

Through the challenge, the trip and being left with my own thoughts for two whole days (because I completely unplugged), I discovered that I have not been doing much for you. I expect you to do much for me, and that is what I have been investing in, but I prefer doing for you and know in my heart that the rest will work out.

I can fret over the numbers. I can fret over the dollars. I can fret over the schedules. Fretting is not what God wants for my life. If I listen to His direction and I do things with a servant’s heart – devoid of expectation of return – THEN I find the path that I desire.

I feel a release just typing this.

So, as a part of my letting it go, I want to share something that I read during my 30 Day Family Challenge (part of the challenge is to read something other than Scripture).

I downloaded several books from Christian authors to try and satisfy the veracious reading appetite of my teenage sons. The oldest had been reading Percy Jackson, but moved on to Tom Clancy, and some of Clancy’s books are a little harsh. So I was looking for some that might be more of a good, positive or uplifting option.

Something about “The Light of Eidon” by Karen Hancock caught my eye that day I downloaded books for them, and it caught my eye again when I went searching through my tablet for the perfect fiction to complete my challenge requirements.

I had to pace myself in the reading, because one of the reasons I stopped reading is I would get caught up in the story and not put it down until I was done. Many other people now experience the same thing when they watch an entire season of a show through Netflix in one weekend (not that I have ever done that). I just read a few chapters each night.

Savoring the story made it all the better. Sometimes, when I read in a rush, I skim the details to get to the adrenaline. Taking my time lets me become part of the experience – and what an experience it was.

The characters are believable (despite the fantasy setting). The stories are not cookie cutter, but still have a familiarity about them. The plot was exciting and intriguing. The best part for me, despite this book being part of a series, the story ended. I like there being a completion to the tale I have experienced even if there may be hints of more to come.

I gave “The Light of Eidon” five stars and I recommend it for parent and teen alike.

I have discovered something else through this challenge; I am glad that it is not all about me. I like doing things for others, and I think I forgot how much I enjoyed the endeavors. I will continue look for ways to do for others, and I hope that you will join me in the journey.

Be blessed,

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