Finding Motivation

I can not put off until tomorrow what I need to do today because tomorrow will have enough of its own without me having to play catch up. It doesn’t matter how quiet my day is suppose to be. With three boys, three dogs, three cats, and one husband, every day has something going on.

The question I am often faced with is how do I get motivated when my body, mind, or very being is too tired to go?

Just do one thing. Sometimes it motivates me enough to do one thing more and then one thing more . . . and so on. Sometimes I only get ONE thing done, but it is one more than I would have gotten done other wise.

Read, listen to or watch something inspirational. Seeing other people get there house clean and organized or reading about how people over come adversity often gets my juices pumping. One note of warning (at least in my life): This does NOT work exercise. I can sit and watch “Biggest Loser” while eating cookies and milk and not even feel a tinge of guilt. It does take practice, though ;).

Take a long hot bath or a long walk. Get away from the things you need to do and just relax for a little while. Take the family along. Maybe they will be the inspiration you need (unless they are the distraction you are trying to get away from in the first place).

Get your mind right. As long as I stay focused on what ever negative is affecting me (hormones, a sick tummy, or not enough sleep) I will continue to be down. Negative thoughts will birth negative results! ALWAYS. Think happy thoughts. Peter was right – they are what make you fly.

Motivation is not always easy to find. Some times it is elusive enough to evade me for the whole day (especially when I don’t try to find it). But if I am willing to put in a little effort then I will get something done before the day is over.

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