Blog Fixes Could Make the Money Roll In

There is only one thing I want for Christmas this year and that is to finally figure out how to make money off of MY blog without compromising my integrity. 😀 Do you think Santa is internet savvy enough to grant me this wish?

It’s been a year now and I’ve still not made any money. I’ve stayed away from Adsense and other programs like it. I’ve been patiently waiting for the advertisers to swarm my site and beg for space instead. There hasn’t been nibble one.

My numbers have steadily increased – at least I believe they have. I look at my awstats and if I’m reading the figures right then some of you are reading this article right now. That feels good. And it is really exciting and satisfying when someone finds something that helps them in their daily life.

It does not make my site the next Problogger site.

I’ve researched and read the articles about increasing traffic. I know that you need to:

    1. Post regularly

    2. Comment on other blogs and forums (and use a signature to link back to your site)

    3. Make connections

    4. Be personal (but not TOO personal – this is the internet)

    5. Be consistent

    6. Be specific

    7. Advertise (use stumbleupon, technorati, article sites and blog carnivals) to build interest in your blog.

    8. Be courteous (send emails to those who comment or visit regularly)

    9. Use correct grammar (and spelling – Thanks Mara)

This month I started keeping a journal of what I’m doing and when I’m doing it. Maybe it will give me insight into how to make this site all that it can be. I have noticed a few trends. My blogging and writing articles get more view time than any thing else I post. Hmmmm – could that be the key? Should I be giving people what they are looking for even if it is a saturated market already?

Maybe if I tailored the site for MOMs that write (although any writer could benefit from most of it). I might have to change the name and the megatags to reflect the new format, but it just might be that I need change to get where I want to be – EASY STREET! 😉

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