Freelance Writing on the Commercial Front

The times have been tough in my own freelance writing life. It seems that just before the end of 2008 everything was running at break neck speeds and I could see my goals and targets and they were just about in reach.

2009 changed all of that. The jobs did become higher pay, but it also seems that the jobs are fewer than before (and not just because of the increase in pay). I have heard that the freelance market – particularly the internet ghost and content writing – tends to slack off at the first of the year. It would have been nice to know that LAST year so that I could prepare for it this year, but hindsight is 20/20.

Now that I am where I am I have to keep pushing my freelance writing in order to get to where I want to be.

Increasing Freelance Writing Opportunities

    1. Think Advertising – there are so many companies that are starting to advertise on the internet in one form or another and many of them do not have writers for the content for those endeavors. Putting together a query letter and resume could open up some income opportunities to help get me through these tough months.

    2. Think Middlemen – I’m already working for companies online that sell my content to other companies. There is no reason I shouldn’t contact ad agencies in my region and let them know my services are available.

    3. Think multi-markets – I was listening to a seminar yesterday about eBooks and she pointed out that I need to be marketing in a number of different directions with each single product (including free reports to increase traffic, eBooks for sale and even classes online and in person).

Freelance writing is so much more than blogs or articles. It is a life style that opens opportunities to share experiences and ideas through different media outlets. The best way to increase freelance income and success is to push the boundaries of the markets so that you can tap into the commercial fronts in all directions.

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