Continuing the Marketing March

Continue the Marketing March

Marketing can be a challenge even with the best of tools and talents. LiveWriteBreathe.com tackled the subject. Janalyn Voigt and I met through a writing website. She offered me the chance to write with her on a website where several of us worked to encourage other writers (and each other) on our word journeys.

She recently posted a great article about her own journey to market her books. “How Not to Market Your Book” provides hope for those of us that are still struggling to find our path to success.

Do you have a golden key?

Tips from LiveWriteBreathe.com for Marketing Success

    – keep going. The only way to not succeed is to not keep moving.
    – keep trying. There is no one answer to the journey so keep testing the waters until you find your own stream.
    – keep remembering. You are not alone even though it can feel like that when you are locked away in a room with nothing but words to taunt you.
    – keep connecting. There are others on the journey and it helps to connect with them and grow from their experiences and encouragement.

I continue to struggle to find my way. Just this week, I had an encounter that made me wonder – and there was nothing good about that wondering. I cried a little. I ranted a little. And then I started to receive words of hope and encouragement from others that read my little rant. Their words helped me find my balance and continue to move forward.

That is what it is all about. Moving forward, one step at a time – one moment at a time, will eventually lead you to the place you desire to go.

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