growing hope

Hope Grows Strength when I Remember

On September 11, 2001, I was on the way to pay bills. I spent the rest of the day in prayer for the people I did not know, for my country, and for the world.

Each year, I take a moment to pray for all of those involved. In other words, I pray for all of us because all of us have been affected.

But I remember every day and despite the crushing pain that wells up at times, I still believe in hope.

I have heard that it makes moving forward impossible if I dwell on the past, but remembering is not dwelling. I look back and I see the moments of inspiration. I look back and I see the faith and courage. I look back and see the determination and the support that ordinary people had for each other.

I remember and I will continue to remember because it gives me the strength to move forward.

Be blessed,

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