Hope Lives On

The words that my children point me to during some of my darkest moments speak volumes for me to the care my Father has for my life. This morning my youngest son woke and asked me to play a song on my computer. I only have one CD loaded right now and I started it at the beginning.

“No, play the one that says hope lives on.”

I had to look at the list of songs to try and figure out what he was talking about. The song talks about how even in the face of an army that hope has to live on.

Things of this world often make little sense. The world tells us one plus one equals two. It all follows a logical pattern. You have to look out for number one and work for number one if you want to get your two cents.

God does not always work the way it is expected. Nothing can come against God. It is a simple rule and law that overrides everything else. I have to choose to see with the eyes of Elisha instead of the servant. My heart must recognize the fiery forces of Heaven that light up the hills around me and not the armies of the enemy.

One song, just a few minutes long, and my peace burst forth like words will never express. I may not see the how or the why just yet, but if I keep my head up and keep searching then I will never miss my God at work in my life.

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