Music Can Make Your Attitude

Music helps me get through those times when it would other wise be impossible. Sometimes the perfect song sneaks up on me and other times I’m searching for hope. There is just something about music that can make any moment just a little better.

I’m very eclectic when it comes to music – which really shouldn’t be all that surprising since I’m not exactly normal in other aspects of my life. It can be old, new, country, rap, or what ever form it needs to take. As long as the music is good, the lyrics are solid (and tell some sort of story), and it preferably has a beat you can dance to then I’m a happy camper.

Flipping through stations on an errand run the other day, I got the privilege of hearing “If You’re Going Through Hell” for the first time. It has a catchy tune and a fun beat. The next time I heard it was when I really started to think. The last line of the chorus “you might get out before the devil even knows you’re there” was the one that kept spinning through my head.