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Positive Expecations Create Positive Energy

The positive expectations we embrace in our journey create positive energy that is necessary for growth, for BIG DREAMS, and for purpose living. You become all you are designed to be when you have the positive expectations that the promises are real and that you are here to live them out.

One of my favorite books is Hope for the Flowers. It tells the tale of two caterpillars who determine there has to be more to life than just eating leaves. They follow the crowd, but it doesn’t lead where they expected. 

My other top favorite book is The Little Prince where the Little Prince seeks possibilities even when it literally takes him to another world and ends up finding so many positives and sharing stars that can laugh.

Eventually, they put their energy into something different and find that through that investment something amazing happens.

Positive expectations create positive energy and through the positive energy, we give our dreams the wings they need to take flight.

– Kathryn Lang

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Positive expectations create positive energy and through the positive energy, we give our dreams the wings they need to take flight. - Kathryn Lang

How Positive Expectations Work

You find what you’re looking for

If you look for it, it will show up – whether for real or through the tricks your mind plays on you. If you are looking for alligators around every corner, then every log becomes an alligator. If you are looking for silver linings along every cloud, guess what you will find.

Creative atmosphere

Positive energy stirs the heart and mind in a way that allows for creative ideas to flow. It clears the air and removes the blockades. Positive energy says, “yes you can” without even knowing what the can might be. When you dare to believe you can then you dare to create a way.

Reinforcing Possibilities

The positive expectations make way for the impossible to become the possible. Henry Ford is known for saying, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” It’s true. And positive expectations reinforce possibility thinking because it dares you to can.

Strengthening the Foundation

The more you believe, the bolder you become in your belief. You can believe the wire will hold the performer, but you show your belief when you get in the wheelbarrel and ride across with him. The more you invest in the positive expectations, the stronger they become. The stronger they are, the more they support your hope.

Setting Down Roots

Positive expectations are the tap roots of hope. They dig down deep into your heart so that nothing can shake them. And they provide the constant reminder that you can even when everything else around you is trying to tell you that you can’t.

Living Hope Through Positive Expectations

The hope we need to live bold and purposeful lives grows stronger through investment in positive expectations. Believe you can until you do!

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