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Growing HOPE - Foundational Hope Principles

Big Change Comes from Choices

I want more than what I have now. I deserve more. I NEED more. My pleas went up to heaven, or I hoped they did. The week of grey days and bad news had left me wondering if my prayers might be getting snagged on my ceiling tiles. “You are where you choose to be.” […]

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The Difference of a Day

Wow – what a difference a day makes. Not only did the sun come out and brighten my day, but changing my focus changed the light within me. I came barreling at today like it was the most important day in the history of the world. If you received the newsletter last night – [url=]a […]

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7-23-15 Acting Better

Make the Choice to Act Better

“She was mean and out of control.” “She let her kids run out of control.” “He was rude to me.” “He let his kids break the rules.” The list goes on, but I think you get the idea. People do things and then people do things in response to those things and they are always […]

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inspirational quotes

Moral Dilemma or When to Stand and Fight

My friend and I were talking several months back. She was sharing a situation in her life that I know many of us have faced. I struggled to help her find her answer because I struggle with my own resolution. I am interested to hear what you think. Question: If you are standing up against […]

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1-28-15 complicated

Forgoing the Complicated for the Simple

My husband and I have very different method for cooking. I apply the “this looks like enough” method. He sticks to the weights and measurements offered in the recipe. I toss things into a pot or onto a cookie sheet and fire up the heat before declaring the meal is ready. He sticks to the […]

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bag of chips

Make Better Choices for Your Words

“You are not all that.” My husband threw the words at me to hurt me. I knew why. I had been stirring the pot and he threw them in a fit of frustration. I caught the words and looked at them for what they were. It would have been easy to throw some words back […]

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not my circus

Not My Circus

“Not my circus. Not my monkeys.” This new motto gets placed right up there with the other leaders of my life. I turn to these words when I approach a fork in the road, a scuffle in the path, or just a question about the next step that I am about to take. “All I […]

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