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The Right Choice Is Easy

If I were to offer you a plate of rocks to chew and eat, it probably wouldn’t seem very appetizing.  If I put a plate of your favorite food next to the rocks, and told you to choose which you wanted to eat, the choice would be easy.

Scripturally, that is what God has done.  He has laid out two choices.  The first if full of great things – blessings that are exceeding, abundantly above all we can think or imagine.  The second choice is death and curses.  It is an easy choice, and yet we all find ourselves time and again choosing death and curses.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

We have been discussing this in a Wednesday night bible study that I attend with my husband.  Several of the folks started groaning about how difficult is all is for them.  I wanted to know why.  If you know the Giver and you know that what He offers is better, then wouldn’t you always choose Him?

After the last class, I was able to come up with example after example of how “easy” it is to choose God, but it didn’t get me any closer to understanding why we struggle with the choice.

As far as I can tell there are really only three reasons we don’t choose God:

1.      We don’t know Him.

2.      We don’t believe Him.

3.      We don’t care about Him.

It’s understandable that if we don’t know Him we wouldn’t choose Him.  Humans are creatures of comfort.  We will often go with what we know even if it isn’t the best that is available.

It’s hard to imagine that we might know God but still not believe Him, but this is why relationship is so important.  Spending time in His word (continually putting it in our eyes and ears and hearts) will bring us to a place where we don’t just know Him, but are comfortable and trusting with Him.

The last one seems to be the most anti-God, but in reality we all live in this moment at some point and time – even after we have accepted Christ as our Savior.  Basically, every time we choose our will over His, we say that we care more about us than about Him.

I don’t know if I’ve come to any definitive conclusions, but I do have one thought.  The choice is easy.  Making the choice is just not all that simple for most of us.

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