Three Tips for Getting Better

Spelling and I have never been on the best of terms. My husband likes to say that phonics did NOT work for me. My spelling – or my bad spelling – became so notorious that my own mother gave me a dictionary for my 30th birthday. The inscription was simple: If you haven’t learned to spell by now, you need this.

In my defense, I blame the English. There are just too many words that when written out just look wrong. There are equally as many words that are written nothing like they sound. Let us not forget those words that have different spellings depending on how they are used.

In short, I tell you, it is just not my fault.

I could continue to make the arguments for justifying my bad spelling. I have plenty of them. Spelling, like anything in life, will only improve when I take responsibility and through that responsibility begin to find control.

Tips for Getting Better

      – Practice makes better. The more I write certain words, the better I get at spelling those words. There are some that still elude me. I just keep practicing with those words and hoping that one day they will stick.

– Perfect practice makes perfect. I can right the write words a thousand times and how I right will still be wrong. I have to practice in perfection to reach perfection.

– You are never too old (or young) to learn. I use that dictionary my mom gave me – and even learned along the way how to spell dictionary.

I spell better today than any time in my life. Home schooling our three boys has been good for me in that respect. I have to spell if I am going to check their spelling. I have also learned – through my spelling struggles that I can point a finger or I can make a change.

It is up to me.

“Moses wrote that the man that could practice righteousness and walk in conformity to God’s will lives a life blessed in that righteousness.” from Romans 10:5

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