Be Bold in Pursuit of Freelance Writing

Develop boldness in your pursuit of your passions. I enjoy asking people what they want to be when they grow up – particularly when they are hitting a milestone like graduating from college or getting advanced training in some field. My comments are partially in jest but I know from experience that a degree does not make a life.

My own degree in Leisure Services (and yes, it is a real degree) has benefited me in a number of ways but none of them to date have been specifically in that field. I have used bits and pieces of my education to pursue the things that have interested me along the way. Only in the last few years have I landed in my passion.

Writing has always been something I have enjoyed. I took a couple creative writing courses in college but I had met with early rejection and feared continued failure so I turned away. It was only after school I began to hunger for that outlet again. I stumbled into my freelance writing career almost by accident but along the way I met a few people that helped put the courage in me to pursue my writing passions with boldness.

    1. One was a TOUGH editor but still encouraged me to try new things in my online freelance writing. He also introduced me to others because of the work that I turned out for him and that has continued to open freelance writing doors.

    2. One was an editor that trusted me with projects big and small, offered me opportunities to write about things that I have a strong passion for and provided me with the encouragement to do just a little more. Sometimes it is the little more that does the most to pursue your passion.

    3. One was a fellow writer that just offered a compassionate heart. A listening ear can do more to encourage others than all the words and actions combined.

The list could easily go on. Each person – blogger, editor, teacher – has given me a little more courage. Each person that I have met along my freelance writing journey has given me a piece of encouragement that I am growing into a bridge that will help me cross over in boldness to my passion for freelance writing.

• Ask for the job that you desire instead of waiting for it to show up.
• Accept criticism as an opportunity to improve and grow.
• Reach beyond your comfort zone.
• Do one more thing today to help you reach your passion tomorrow.
• Embrace the challenge of a roadblock.
• Surround yourself with people that see your success tomorrow.
• Take rejection as a challenge to prove them wrong.
• Always continue to grow and expand and learn.

No matter what you want to be when you grow up, and no matter how far along the growing up process you may be, it starts with passion. Unlock your passion and then pursue it with boldness to the you that you are becoming.

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