Being the Proverbs 31 Woman

I am the Proverbs 31 Woman. My only problem is that I haven’t quite mastered the whole doing it all at once part. For some reason, the combining of all those activities into one day is a bit overwhelming.

Some days I do rise at sunrise, have a meal on the table when the family gets up, clean the house, work and still get lunch on the table. There are other days when I’m lucky if I roll out of bed before the toddler and the family is happy to have leftovers, cold cereal or bagels.

Being the perfect wife – the perfect mother – or the perfect friend is not about sticking to a set of rules or guidelines. It is a heart issue. The essence of the Proverbs 31 Woman is her desire to get closer to God. From that desire stems her ability to serve. From that service comes the time management because of the priorities that she sets. But it all starts with a personal relationship with God.

    – Today I will spend more time talking to God than watching television.

    – Today I will take five minutes before each meal to say a prayer for my friends and family.

    – Today I will thank God for my day before I get out of bed.

    – Today I will spend 10 minutes reading from the Word of God.

Just a few minutes here and there will help me keep my eyes fixed on the Creator. Once I get my direction straight, the rest of this Proverbs 31 Woman stuff should be a breeze!

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