Make the Most of the Book of Proverbs

Study the Book of Proverbs

The Book of Proverbs provides valuable tools and tips for navigating the storms of this life. Dad encouraged me to read from the Book of Proverbs every day – and I discovered that most months that meant I read through the whole book. It has become an ordinary part of my mourning routine to see how that day’s verse from Proverbs would speak to that moment in my life. I have discovered that no matter where I may journey, the Proverbs provide wisdom and guidance.

Tips for Making the Most of the Book of Proverbs

    – Keep a notebook where you can write down thoughts, ideas or questions about the different chapters in Proverbs. Choose a binder that you can add pages to or a spiral notebook with enough pages to allow for 5 to 10 pages for each chapter of Proverbs (around 305).

    – Read just one chapter from the Book of Proverbs each day. Make notes about any thoughts you have on the verses you read and then compare what you learn to the past times when you read that chapter.

    – Write out one verse that on an index card that stands out from your studies. Carry that verse around and work on memorizing it when you are waiting in lines or find other time on your hands that you can utilize.

The only way to learn more about the Word is to spend time IN the word. Make the Book of Proverbs part of your daily routine and discover how its words of wisdom and knowledge apply to your life no matter where you are.

Ready to Dig Into the Proverbs?

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