Using the Book of Proverbs for Peace and Joy

Book of Proverbs leads to Peace and Joy

“Does the Book of Proverbs really hold the key to a life of peace and joy?”

The question came from an unexpected person at an unexpected time and I paused before I answered, but only for a moment.

“I believe that it does.”

The more that I read the Book of Proverbs the more convinced I am of the value in the pages. I have found suggestions for dealing with my husband, my kids, my finances, and the ordinary tasks of my day. Everything I have ever wanted to know, I am finding in the verses of Proverbs.

Finding Peace and Joy in the Book of Proverbs

    – remember that it all starts with the act of getting wisdom.
    – in all of your getting be sure to get understanding.
    – get up and get going and quit hitting the snooze button.
    – make plans and seek wise counsel for those plans.
    – keep your eyes in your own fence.
    – reach out to help others.
    – do something with what you have to get to where you want to be.
    – spend time in prayer to develop a relationship with Christ.
    – make wisdom and knowledge a priority.
    – speak good things about others.

Each verse of Proverbs provides some wisdom and knowledge for my daily walk. Reading those words each day helps me open up those gifts of wisdom and unlock the keys to that life of peace and joy. It may not be all that I need, but the Book of Proverbs offers a lot of the tools for finding the answers to those needs.

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