Three Things Create Success

Surfing the web has provided me with some profound insights and inspiration over the years. Not too long back, I ran across a blog about getting more from my time. The writer suggested that I write down three things each night that I would accomplish the next day. A little research showed me that many people follow this simple plan of getting more done by scheduling less to do.

I have been doing the three things lists all week (and yes, I do realize it is only Wednesday). This morning, as the sun slides up over the mountain, I have already checked off two of my items.

Last night when I wrote them down I wondered if I would be able to complete them all by the end of the day. Two of them were writing projects and one of them involves the entire kitchen. Part of the reason that I did get the work accomplished so early has to do with the time that I got up (and I do NOT recommend doing that on a consistent basis).

The other part of the success has to do with building a habit. Two months ago, or even just last week, I would probably have spent all of that extra time playing around the web. It can be so easy for me to waste time because I always think “it is just a few minutes.” A few minutes here and a few minutes there and I have wasted away the entire day. Having the focus of the three things helps me to accomplish so much more.

Benefits of Doing Just Three Things

    1. There is always room in the day to accomplish just three things, even when the unexpected shows up and steals most of your time.

    2. Accomplishing the full list of three things motivates me to want to do more.

    3. Setting three goals helps me to focus on the most important items that need to be done.

    4. Nothing feels better than putting a check mark next to a to-do item.

Making a list of dozens of things can become overwhelming and keep me from ever getting started. Choosing just three things frees up my time to get even more accomplished.

How do you get more done?

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