Building Blocks to Writing Success

Building Blocks to Writing Success is an eBook released by Kathryn C. Lang in November of 2011. It shares tips and suggestions for building a writing career based from her own experiences into the industry.

“How do you make a living writing?” I get asked this question almost every place I speak on writing. Most of us want to know how to earn money form the words we create. The questions eventually formed the foundation for Building Blocks to Writing Success.

Remember that there is no magic bullet for building your writing success. You have to find the tips that work for your unique journey and then put them to work for you.

Build Your Writing Success

Block One – Your ability. What can you do? More importantly, what are you willing to invest to learn how to do what you need to do to build a successful writing career?

Block Two – The business of writing. When you launch a freelance writing career, you become an entrepreneur. Approach the endeavor with the same perspective you would any new business. Set up a full business plan to monitor and guide your writing directions.

Block Three – Setting a budget for your business. Know what you can spend, where you will spend it and what you need to take in to cover those costs and put money into your wallet.

Block Four – Evaluating your skills and talents. What is your writing niche. Looking at your current talents or interests can help you determine your writing path.

Block Five – Create an atmosphere for consistency. If you want to get to your writing success then you have to do what needs to be done with consistency.

Block Six – Make a map. You can only know you have reached your destination if you have mapped out a plan to get there.

Block Seven – Pursue your plan with persistence. Nothing can take the place of persistence. Keep on keeping on until you have reached your determined level of writing success.

Block Eight – Do something. The only way to get to a new location is to change the current direction. That requires action. Do something and keep doing something until you get to where you have determined is your success.

Building a successful writing career begins today. Define your idea of success, plan for that success and then begin taking the actions that will lead you to that success.

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