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What is Better than I Deserve

crown or cross - what do I deserve

My husband used to moan about how he was not worth me marrying – or something to that effect. I just know that when he would make those statements I always felt offended. I married my husband because I believed him to be a good, honest, warm, loving soul (and so much more). It was not a pity marry.

The other day I started talking with someone about a talk show host that makes the confession he is better than he deserves. It reminded me of the confession I made over the weekend – about how everything is always my fault. The declaration also sent me back to the comments my husband used to make.

Do I insult my Father when I say that I do not deserve the things that He has chosen to do for me?

The more I think about the concept the more crooked my thoughts become. Asking the opinion of others only brings a fog into the crooked confusion. There has to be something that I am missing if so many people that I know and respect would think it is okay to going around being just “better than I deserve.”

Webster 1828 dictionary defines deserve as being worthy. According to the Scripture that I have read, the fact that Jesus chose to die on the cross for me and I have chosen to accept Him as my Lord and Savior means that HE has made me worthy.

And if Jesus Christ has made me worthy, then who am I to say anything else about the matter?

Just a thought, but if we started living as boldly as the Father considers us worthy then the world would not stand a chance.

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