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Daily Thoughts, Scriptures, and Challenges for July 1 2019

Quote of the Day

Keep going. It’s not about speed but about consistency!

Quote of the day - keep going

Scripture of the Day

If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land. – from Isaiah 1:19

Scripture quote isaiah 1:19

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Thought of the Day

Keep going.

Once you start moving, keep going even if you only go a little bit at a time. Momentum will make a difference in the getting’ there.

Have you ever tried to push a car that’s died in the middle of the road? At first, it seems impossible. You push until you want to give up, and then it gives a little. Once it moves that little bit, the next push is easier and it moves even more.

But if the person in the car puts on the brakes, it’s impossible to push it. Even when they finally let up on the brakes, you’ll have to start back at that point when it feels like nothing is happening.

Don’t give away your momentum. Keep going!

Challenge for Intentional Actions

When the going gets tough, think of one thing you can do or one step you can take that will allow you to keep going.

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