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Determination Quote of the Day and More Motivation for September 14, 2019

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Quote of the Day

“It is not about having the most talent, the most resources or even the most opportunities. It is about digging in and doing what you know you can do despite what others around you might be saying”

Quote of the day - do what you know to do

Thought of the Day

What Will You Do

You can do it. You can be it. You can make it so. Whatever your it may be, it is within your power to live it out.

That is if you want to. If you really want it and if you are determined to see it through, THEN!

That’s the catch – the determination welling up inside you right now will dictate the reality of your “it.”

And . . . the focus you have will tell you how determined you are in living out your “it”.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Review and Declare

Review your current position. Where are you now?
Review your limitations. What is beyond your control (but might can be managed)?
Review your resources. What do you have within you (and without)?
Review your sacrifices. What are you giving up now and what would you (or should you) give up?
Review your determination. How focused are you for reaching that goal?

Daily Challenge - review and declare

Scripture of the Day

“Love comes from this – that we live in and walk out His commandments.” – from 2 John 6

Scripture Focus - 2 John 6

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Today’s Growing HOPE broadcast

10 – Review Your Determination

What are you doing to be determined to live our BIG DREAM goals?

    Reviewing your own level of determination means developing a targeted focus.

  • Feed the heart the determined goal.
  • Practice the words that complete the focus.

  • Get accountable to reaching the goal.

  • Invest in consistent little bits to make big steps.

  • Maintain the momentum one step at a time.

You can live your impossible dreams if you are willing to invest in the living them part.

#GrowingHOPE Daily - review your determination

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