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Take a Step into Purpose Quote of the Day and Scripture Focus

Quote of the Day

You can only reach your destination if you take a step.

take a step - quote of the day 7-19-19

Thought of the Day

Take a Step

The only way to get there is to take a step, to take an action, to do something. It’s not about how big of a step. It’s not about how powerful the action. It is about making the choice to do something.

No matter how good your plan or how honed your focus until you take a step you will be stuck where you are.

Take a step and begin the journey to your destination of purpose.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Take one purposeful step into your goals. Keep a record of what you do, how it feels to take the step, and what the one step makes room for to happen next.

Challenge to take a step

Scripture of the Day

“The Lord is upright and faithful in His promises. He is my rock.” – from Psalm 92:15

Scripture Focus July 19 Psalm 92

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