Expect the Unexpected Attacks of the Enemy

I went from peace and contentment to crazy woman in about six seconds flat and I had no idea how or why. Frustration and annoyance suddenly had control and they were driving me right into a ditch.

I tried taking a walk. The more I walked the more annoyed I became at the situation. I tried talking it out. The more I talked the higher my stress level grew. I could tell I was on the verge of a meltdown.

Meltdowns are not good for anyone.

I put my headphones on and turned on my IHEARTRADIO station – CROWDER. There is something about the folk/worship of that particular station that sets my heart to dancing. It turns out that a dancing heart spins the frustrations and annoyances right out of the picture.

I went from angry and stressed to peace and smiles in about sixty seconds flat.

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I realized several things from the attack that I endured – and yes, I know that it was an attack.

Top Secrets Learned from the Attacks of the Enemy

    – They will happen just when you think you have things going in the right directions. There is never a moment that the enemy have forgotten or overlooked you. He is seeking an opening. The only answer is to ALWAYS expect the attack – not in a fearful way but in a trained soldier way – because we are the Victorious Army after all.

    – There never has to be a reason for the attack. Sometimes the ambush happens because I was looking in a different direction. Because there may be no logic behind the attack, I will never be able to prepare in a traditional manner. I have to build up my hope and my faith to help me hold back the attacks. But I also have to have a fall back plan – for me it was LOUD praise and worship music.

    – The outcome is always the same. I live in Victory. The Victory was not won for me but giving to me as a gift. The enemy will try to convince me otherwise. The enemy will try to distract me if he is unable to convince me. It does NOT change the outcome.

    – repeating the negatives feeds the negatives and allows them to grow up and cover everything. Repeating the positives feeds the positives and allows them to grow up and outshine the negatives. Feed what you want to grow.

    – Darkness thrives on a dark countenance. Something as simple as a smile will make the darkness hide. A smile sprinkles hope and once hope takes root darkness stands no chance of hanging around.

I can be doing what I know to do and be focused on the right direction. I can invest in prayer and study. I can have a knock-it-out-of-the-park day. That will not stop the enemy. The attacks will come because that is what the enemy does. He attacks. He destroys. He seeks to kill and to steal – me or my joy, it matters not to him.

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I just have to remember to be prepared for the unexpected. Knowing little tips for overcoming the attacks when they come will push me back into a place of joy. Most important, my fallback position should always be victory.

Be blessed,


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  • There’s psychology behind why your walk didn’t work, or why aerobics and getting your heart rate don’t reduce anxiety or anger, in general. Instead it feeds your feelings because your heart rate goes up and you are already upset so you attribute the increased heart rate to the fact that you are upset, only making things worse. It’s funny to think that for so long people have already said “walk it off” and yet it doesn’t work. Music works, relaxation works.
    I’ve found the Beatles song “Let it Be” to be a great focus when I find myself getting stressed and anxious. It’s just such a great reminder of our need to just let it go.