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All About Kathryn Lang

This is the very first entry for this website – edited March of 2022. Learn more about Kathryn Lang HERE

Hello from Kathryn Lang

I’m Kathryn Lang and you have found your way to my website. Thank you, by the way!

I grew up trying to force the world to see things my way. It was always about getting others to change. Then I discovered that the only thing I could actually change was Me. It was a shock to my system and required a complete overhaul of how I did most everything.

First I had to learn to watch my mouth and not be so sarcastic. Then I had to learn that things DIDN’T have to go my way all the time. Then it was all about submission (but I don’t want to talk about it 😉 ). And the list just keeps on going.

The struggle continues today. Some days I win. Some days I just have to make it through so I can start over. You never know which way it’s going to go and I always hope for the best and strive for greatness.

My Family

My husband and I have been married forever it seems like some days (others it still feels like yesterday). We met when I was 12, but had to go through some trials and tribulations before we finally got (back) together and got married. Remind me to tell you how I stalked him for three years before I finally got him to let me ask him out (and how he was completely unaware of the stalking). He truly is my first and greatest love!

We have three boys, the oldest two are two years apart and the youngest is seven years below them (Proof positive that God does have a sense of humor). My mom always prodded me with the idea of having a girl. But I was one and I knew I didn’t need the added drama in my life. Believe me. With this crew there is drama (real, imagined, and made up)!

Finding Your true family

Our Home

We lived in the woods – and I mean coyotes, beavers, eagles, possums, and even river otters kind of woods. A tornado dropped down and flattend all the hardwood trees, including four on us. That changed our building, but our home is still a place full of laughter and snarky encouragement.

Our School

We homeschooled the older boys through graduation. The youngest took a couple of years off from homeschooling to attend a private school. He and I were going to be home alone and two extroverts left along will rarely end well for anyone. After the tornado, he retured to homeschooling – although he did choose to dual enroll in college courses so he doesn’t have to spend as much time with me.

About the Kathryn Lang Blog

Think of this website as a bit of hope with a dash of twisted encouragement. I have been told that I am a tornado that stirs things up – to lift up, cheer up, and challenge the Children of God. My husband just says I’m an instigator.

This website and the words I share through it are my way of daring you to dream big, to live bold, and to find your unique heartseed to grow it up into your world of possibilites.

Please feel free to contact me.

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