Learn What You Have – You Have the Key

My dad tells me a story about when he was in school in California. He had no money – because he was a college student away from home and those NEVER have money. At the first of each month, he was paid a stipend by the teaching hospital where he worked but there was more month than money. By the end of the month he was eating the cheapest thing on cafeteria menu – bean burritos.

On one such occasion he happened to be going through the line behind the friend – a friend who lived off the same stipend and went through the same number of days each month. He friend had an entrée and sides – a full meal. When they go to the register his friend just said, “Charge it.”

That day my dad discovered that hospital employees could charge a meal. All the time that he had been eating nothing but bean burritos, he could have been using the opportunity and benefits offered to him by the place where he worked.

He had no idea, so he never used it.


Listen to Esther and the Key


Scripture is filled with promises directed to each one that chooses to hear those promises. I have to be willing to dig in and discover them. I have to be willing to invest in those Words to understand those promises.

It is my choice – but I have to know if I want to choose wisely.

Be Blessed,

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