My Occupation Matters

My job is the coolest one in the world. Every day is full of new challenges, different projects, and deadlines. The people I work with are always growing and changing. I am MOM.

People who knew me growing up are usually shocked that I have chosen this profession. Others simply can’t understand how any one of sound mind and body would purposely choose to do what I do. Even my husband has flashes of “you are wasting your college degree with this path” but it usually passes pretty fast (especially if he is left alone with the kids and house for a day or two. Sometimes is only takes a few hours).

If the truth be known, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love this job. I do use my degree at least once a day. And the pay I receive is better than anyone around me that I know. Even on those days where chaos rules the roost, MOM is the best job I could ask for.

Most days I’m juggling the house chores, my work, the kids’ school work, the meals and the toddler. Most days I keep all of the balls in the air. There are those days when I drop on (or all) since I’m not Superhuman (just Wonder Woman), but those are getting farther and farther apart. I can see the attitudes and talents blooming in the children and it pushes me to be and do more in my own life.

It’s not that my job is more important than other jobs (although I think it is probably close). It’s just that it is more fun and exciting and ever changing. How many other people get up in the morning bracing for what is to come? You can schedule and plan, but every mom knows that flexibility is all that counts when it comes to triumphing through the day.

Moms are under-appreciated outside the home, and many times in the home as well. Few people outside the profession know, understand, or even care what goes on in a typical day or how much time we devote to the job. That’s why neighbors and family always call on MOM because she has nothing better to do with her time, right?

I think that the tides are starting to turn and more people are allowing themselves to choose the occupation of MOM (even some dads are making the choice). A revolution is on the way. Who knows, maybe we will have MOM in the White House sometime in the future (although there is really no time for such silliness when you have important work to do).

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