Change is Coming

We cleaned the house and cleared the clutter. The space makes me happy. It also means that when anything gets out of place I am quicker to notice and to call a mass reclean from the whole family. I have changed, or at least my cleaning habits have changed.

Change did not happen overnight. It did not even happen that week we spent deep cleaning and decluttering. Change has been seeping into my daily life one small step at a time.

Accepting that change only comes with the first step, I am now moving on to change other areas of my life. There are places that the best me does not shine forth. Instead, I send out a black and white image if I make any showing at all. Today that first small step was taken.

    1. I told everyone (including my husband) what was needed from them and then I expected it to get done.

    2. While they were doing what I needed from them, I was also doing the things on the list that I had committed to do. That meant I had to walk away from the computer because it was not time for the computer.

    3. “How do you stay focused on the work you are doing?” That question was posed to me by my teenager and the only answer I had was that you have to CHOOSE to do that task. I am choosing to stay on schedule, on track and on task for today!

Change is coming but only if I choose to make the necessary adjustments to allow change access into my life.

How do you bring change?

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  • Focus! That’s what I’ve had to learn. I do that with lists. Some days I feel that I spend more time on lists than what is being done but it helps with the focus.

    • Hey Christy – remember that we are called to plan, but still listen for direction. Make your lists, put those lists to action and continue to allow those “pricks of the heart” to direct the actual path that you take!

  • I have been dealing with change and clutter. Today I decided to start looking at the inner reasons for my stuff because I keep bringing clutter back into my home like a wall around my heart. Most of the time, I just have to do the next thing I see. That’s how I bring change.

    • Stuff can be the answer for something else – it is one more addiction that I might use to medicate myself from other issues. I rely more on lists than the next thing, but I am also trying to make a habit of “if you see it then do it then.” 😀