Nothing Foolish about April 1st

My son wanted to celebrate April 1st. He saw it as a chance to get out of school, and plan pranks against his brothers. I see it as a celebration of the hope that lies ahead.

Blessings of THIS April 1st

    • Spring peeked its head out a couple of weeks back, and although it shrunk back a little I know it is still there. I see the purple of the Redbud trees, the white of the Dogwoods and the multiple shades of green that fill the spaces in between.

    • The more I focus on my writing the more opportunities come my way. Each day that I have completed at least 1200 words before lunch, a new client has contacted me about writing. These blessings are just one more reminder that when I do what I know to do then I am in a position to be blessed.

    • Our finances are turning around. Things may not be to a point of “our cup runneth over” but they are to a place where an unexpected bill does not wreak havoc in the house.

    • We are closer now than ever before. Things are getting organized (including chores, school and work). Priorities are being followed. We are working as a team and it will take a team for us to reach our purpose.

    • I have been renewed. Between the green smoothie detox, the “Made to Crave” book, and the encouragement of other online writing friends, I have a new sense of direction and a determination that will get me to that place.

    • The calendar is EMPTY – okay, I have yet to write anything down for this month, but there is something about a clean slate that makes me feel good.

Today may be a day of pranks, but for me it is a day of peace. The blessings and opportunities have overwhelmed me and today is one more reminder that the best is yet to come.

How will you celebrate April 1st?

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