Determination Gets Things Done

The bumble bee flies because it has determined it can.

The weekend caused me grief. No one else did anything but enjoy the weekend and I felt like I deserved the same. The only problem for me was that I was so miserable thinking about all of the things I needed to do that not only did nothing get done, but I hated the weekend for making me waste my time.

I rolled around in self pity because I was not in a position to do what I wanted and was forced to do what needed to be done. My whining poured over into complaining about the actions of the people around me. If they would only do THEIR part then I could do mine. I watched old television shows on the computer and played solitaire in the corner at the same time just to try to keep my mind occupied.

The end of the weekend left me with the same tasks (now dried to the dishes and mounting over the cabinet), the same projects (now late or closing in on late), and the same empty dreams (now cramped for space because of the crowded chores and work projects).

Monday brought a renewed determination that no matter what came at me I would get things done. I got up, told everyone just to imagine I was gone, closed off my office door and hoped for the best. All did not go as well as I imagined, but I did things and the more I did the more that got done.

Steps to Getting Things Done

    1. Get started first thing in the morning. Tuesday started out slower than Monday and I found that I just could not find the determination to get as much accomplished. Monday I came out of the chute with determination and it paid off in spades!

    2. Quit using the actions of others to determine yours. There were a few moments in my day on Monday when the kids started acting like wild people and the noise levels had to have attracted the attention of the neighbors. It would have been easy (normal and customary) for me to step out from behind the door to calm the situation. I chose to stay focused until my task was complete. Only after the task was done did I step out – and by then the dust had settled anyway.

    3. Pare down the list of tasks that must be done. I just finished writing an entire post about the Three Things key for content writing. It is one that works for life as well. The more you think you have to get done the harder it can be to get started. You run a marathon by taking the first step. You eat an elephant one bite at a time. You accomplish your tasks by focusing in on just one task.

The simple thought is that the more I do the more I get done. The trick can lie in the start. Getting started can be a challenge when you are facing a mountain. Forget the mountain and tackle one step.

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