Positive Words Bring Health to My Heart

February is the month that we are supposed to be getting Heart Healthy. Coincidentally, it is also the month that my whole family is training to run a 6k. I had actually given up the cause until yesterday. But I woke up this morning with a whole new fire in my belly.

Being stubborn has always been a part of my personality, although the last several years have toned it down tremendously (but not enough if you ask my husband). Still, I hate to be told that I CAN’T do something. It’s like waving a red cape in front of a bull.

Yesterday, I mentioned to my dad that I might not be in the condition to run the 6k. I don’t think he meant to look, but he did and then said, “You can’t run it with that much extra.” Maybe those weren’t his exact words. I pretty much quit listening when the words “you can’t” came out of his mouth.

I thought about it all night and during my quiet time this morning. According to the Positive Mental Attitude that I am studying right now, I have what I say. So I determined this morning to start saying that I COULD run the 6k and that I WILL release the extra weight that is hindering my life.

It’s not just words, but action following the words. I’ve already been working out regularly and started running with the family today. My husband is 100% on board and is all about encouragement.

I’m not mentioning it to anyone else (except all of you in the World Wide Web, but don’t tell any one else 😉 ). This is my goal, my positive statements, and my actions to put the statements in motion.

I will run the 6K.

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